Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Th Evolution of Calpurnia Tate--Jacqueline Kelly

For those who love Laura Ingles Wilder and Anne of Green Gables, let me introduce you to Calpurnia Virginia. (Callie Vee for short) It is 1899 and Callie is the only girl in a family of seven children. Callie would much rather catch insects, run around with her brothers, and study Darwin’s evolution than darn socks or cook pies the way other girls her age do. Where her mother dreams of Callie coming out some day, Callie only wants to become a naturalist and discover some previously unknown species of mutant plant. Little does she realize that her greatest ally could be hiding in the guise of her crusty old grandfather, a man who doesn’t even know her name.

This book is at times both laugh out loud funny and touchingly tender. The imperfect but lovable cast of characters wrap themselves around your heart and charm you right from the start. This book is Jacqueline Kelly’s first novel and I, for one, am looking forward reading to any future books she might choose to write.

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