Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Various Picture Books

Hannah Duck
by Anji Yamamura
unpaged picture book

Hannah Duck feels safe and secure at home with her two friends Gigi and KameKame. Every Sunday she strikes out on her own to walk to the park. But outside is a scary place. Will her friends be able to help Hannah Duck overcome her fears. A cute little story with adorable, bold illustrations by the author.

This Little Bunny Can Bake
by Janet Stein
unpaged picture book

Bunny is one of several animals attending Chef George's world-famous School of Dessertology. Chef George starts with the basics, "This is a pot. This is a spoon". Eventually the class is given free reign of the kitchen to create a dessert. The illustrations are black and white with Bunny being pink. As the red text is read pay close attention to what is happening all around Bunny. This wasn't my favorite story, but the illustrations were clever and humorous. Oh yeah, and there are several tempting looking recipes inside the front and back covers.

Hurry Up, and Slow Down
by Layn Marlow
unpaged picture book

Hare loves to live life in the fast lane. He is always telling Tortoise to "hurry hurry hurry". Tortoise likes to take his time with everything, to savor every moment and be cautious. As Hare heads to bed one night Tortoise is anticipating a peaceful evening sipping a cup of tea. Then Hare proposes an idea that Tortoise is happy to hurry up and do, read a bedtime story. Sweet illustrations of two adorable characters sharing the joy of a good book.

Baby Baby blah blah blah!
by Jonathan Shipton
illustrated by Francesca Chessa
unpaged picture book
Emily isn't too sure about her parents news that they are going to have a baby. As her mother's tummy gets bigger and bigger, Emily has more and more questions. She finally confronts her parents with a couple of lists about what life is going to be like after baby comes. She just knows it's going to be "baby this and baby that and baby goo goo and baby blah blah blah". Her parents value her concern and discuss with her how their life changed when she was born, for the better. Slightly messy, child-like illustrations might appeal to younger children. The story was my favorite part of this book, especially the ending.

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curlyq said...

I thought "This Little Bunny Can Bake" was so funny and the illustrations great. They reminded me a bit of Richard Scarry's illustrations in the feeling and style. Enjoyable book! I think I might want to try "C.G.'s Incredible Crepes," and possibly the berry petit tarts! YUM!