Friday, May 15, 2009

K is for Korea by Hyechong Cheung

Here's a very fine informational, photograph-illustrated, book for children all about Korea. This caught my eye on the new book cart because I'm half Korean. K is for Korea is one in a series of nonfiction books which are well done and I'll list them all at the end. Set in alphabet-format, each letter teaches something different about Korea and its people. For example: "B is for Buchaechum, a spectacular fan dance." Each short paragraph of information is accompanied by a large photograph. The paragraphs are just long enough to give some interesting details but short enough that children won't get bored. This is a nice way to gain some exposure to another culture without actually traveling there (who can afford that nowadays?). Here are the other titles in the series that are at the library:
A is for Africa
B is for Brazil
C is for China
M is for Mexico

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