Friday, May 22, 2009

Do You Do a Didgeridoo? by Nick Page illustrated by Sara Baker 2008

Picture Book
An energetic, brightly dressed man is looking for a "didgeridoo", and he won't take NO for an answer! He asks the owner of a music shop, repeatedly, and in fun, bouncy rhyme, for a didgeridoo and describes all the things he plans on doing with it.
Do you do a dedgeridoo?
One that blows a low wa-hoo?
I'd paint it in purple, or yellow , or blue . . .
The text is fun, rhythmic, and musical. The bright, colorful illustrations remind me of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. The ending to the story falls off sharply and, unfortunately, demonstrates downright rudeness on the part of the main character, who, until this point, had been quite likeable.
So, check it out from the library, read it once through for the artwork, but don't spend money for a book that lets you down at the end.

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