Wednesday, May 20, 2009


by Douglas Florian
Atheneum, 2009. 43pgs. Poetry
Douglas Florian's funky, jazzy poetry ("Triceratops./Try-scare-a-tops./Try-wouldn't-want-to-dare-a-tops.") could only be outdone by his even funkier, jazzier pictures of dinosaurs on the loose. Who would even think that giving the already imposing Triceratopial presence jade-green eyes with a slash of black would make him so unsettling? or picturing Tyrannosaurus Rex as an X-ray image listening to an iPod and either swallowing or disgorging all creation (one can scarcely tell). Dinothesaurus is a perfect treasure for art and poetry lovers of all ages.

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loo said...

I was going to do a review of this book too, but you beat me! I loved this book as well and the Triceratops poem was my favorite. I am not a fan of poetry but this book is fun and full or information. It will grab you from the first poem.