Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chicken Butt

Chicken Butt
by Erica S. Perl
ill. Henry Cole
unpaged picture book
Don't deny it, every one of you at one point in your elementary school years said, "Guess what?". Then after your victim said, "What?", you gleefully responded, "CHICKEN BUTT!" That is exactly what one young boy does to his older brother in the first few pages of this book. The rest of the book is variations upon the same phrase. The illustrations are fun. Overall I wasn't too impressed with this books. Kids will love it because it will give them the excuse to say "CHICKEN BUTT!!!!" over and over and over.

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lw said...

Just so you'll know how true your review is, the other day a kid came in and picked Chicken Butt off the new book display and all the way out he was yelling Chicken Butt Chicken Butt at his brother. You were so right!