Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman

After the Great Flood there were many changes. Earth Mother and her Corporation took control and started Retrieving the survivors to Relocate them to the Central Islands. Enclosure of the Polar North began in order to stop Unpredictable Weather. Mankind could not survive another Great Flood! Ten-year-old Honor is Relocated with her parents to Island 365 of the Colonies. At first it is difficult for Honor to fit in at Old Colony School. Gradually she realizes that she wants to be like the other children, it is her parents who are different and break the rules. This worries Honor as it is dangerous to be Unpredictable. Eventually her friend Helix helps her realize where the true danger lies. Is it too late to save her family and her friends?
The Other Side of the Island is a fantastic read for fans of the Post-Apocalyptic genre as well as kids who love adventure and action. This is Allegra Goodman's first YA novel. Let's hope she gives us some more!

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