Thursday, January 29, 2009

Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia

HORSE SONG: THE NADAAM OF MONGOLIA; Ted and Betsy Lewin; New York: Lee & Low, 2008; unpaged. Juvenile Non-fiction.
If you have never seen the lovely Mongolian film "Naran" (and you probably never will, since it has become impossible to find), Ted and Betsy Lewin's Horse Song is the next best thing. Both stories follow a young Mongolian boy as he prepares to ride in the Nadaam, the summer horse racing festival in Mongolia. Tamir is a nine-year old boy who will ride his family's stallion. The Lewin's join the rest of the family in their ger, the portable Mongolian house that can be moved around the lande as needed. The Lewins drink fermented mare's milk, eat cheese curd, and paint beautiful, evocative, atmospheric pictures of one of the last unspoiled landscapes on earth--the steppes of Mongolia.

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