Saturday, December 20, 2008

Savvy by Ingrid Law

When your relatives can capture radio waves, summon hurricanes, and control electricity, there is reason to be excited for your 13th birthday. Mississippi Beaumont, known as Mibs, is on the edge of gaining her own savvy, an extremely special talent that is hereditary in her family and typically blossoms on each child's thirteenth year. She is certain it will be a wonderful day and that her savvy will be amazing. When disaster strikes on her birthday and her beloved Poppa is hospitalized, she becomes a stowawy on a salesman's bus in order to save him with her new power. However, when the bus begins heading the opposite direction, Mibs finds herself on a wild adventure where she discovers some secrets merely lie skin deep.

A possible contender for the Newbery, Savvy is a marvelous story that is so much more than a book about supernatural powers. It has heart, depth, and a strong voice. There is humor, tension, and great adventure! Despite the hint of romance, this story is one that will be enjoyed by girls and boys alike and shows us that we each have our own unique, individual strengths--our personal "savvy."


booklady said...

This is my new favorite for the year! I hope it at least gets a Newbery honor. Kids as well as adults will love it. The book on CD is fabulous.

lw said...

I couldn't get in to Savvy, which just goes to show you what a degenerate piece of horseflesh I really am.

2112 said...

I too loved Savvy and think it deserves at least a Newbery honor. However, I can understand why certain people had an adverse reaction to the book.