Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Mystery of the Martello Tower by Jennifer Lanthier

Hazel and Ned are home from boarding school. They are prepared to spend their summer vacation playing basketball, working on chemistry experiments and spending time with their father. Plans drastically change when they wake up to find that their famous art-dealer father missing. Frankie, the woman who works in the art gallery, leaves town and the kids are really left on their own. Hazel stumbles upon mysterious e-mails, mixed-up paintings and two bad guys who seem to be following them everywhere. Eventually the siblings uncover some deep, dark family secrets that explain a lot about their father's behavior.
A fun mystery for both boys and girls. There are some great action sequences (my favorite being the chase through secret tunnels under a castle during a tornado)! Though parts of the story are a bit unrealistic, it is not enough to detract from a good fun mystery for children.

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