Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ERRATUM; Walter Sorrells; New York: Dutton, 2008; 298pgs. Juvenile Fiction.
Jessica Sternhagen is a little different from the rest of her family. For one thing, she likes to read. For another, she is strikingly tall and has hair so blonde it is almost white. Lastly, she is destined to save the universe. When Jessica wanders into a bookstore that was never there before, she discovers a volume entitled "Her Lif," which she discovers tells the story of her own rather normal life, and ends with what she is doing at the moment. When the owners of the bookstore suddenly go scary and try to kill her, she runs off with the book and discovers that how she writes the ending of the story, to make "Her Lif" into "Her Life" will determine whether the universe as we know it will continue to exist, or to be sucked into an assimilated by another universe. Helped by her friend Dale, several courageous librarians (huzzah!), and a couple of mysterious benefactors (including Mr. Margarine), Jessica races to rescue the book from the "wrong hands," and the bottom of the quarry pond, and to save the world as we know it from the vacuum cleaner salesman who hopes to conquer and destroy it. Erratum is a breakneck, sometimes truly frightening, tale which is a bit mind-bending as well. Kids who like chills, thrills, and science should go big time for this one.

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