Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sky Village - Monk and Nigel Ashland

Human civilization has fallen after the Trinary Wars. The Meks (mechanical things who rebelled against human owners) and beasts (all animals) have taken over the surface of the earth. Humans have fled underground, taken to the sky in a city held up by hot-air balloons, or live a dangerous life above ground. Kaimira Book One: The Sky Village tells the stories of two children, Mei (of the Sky Village) and Rom (who resides in what was once Las Vegas). Each has been entrusted with the care of a special, magical book by their respective parents. They were both instructed to never open the book. However, we all know that telling them not to open it just guarantees that they will.

The authors have given us a novel full of action and excitement along with fascinating, complex characters. The only bad part about this book is having to wait anforever for the next part! Also of note are the gorgeous black and white illustrations appearing throughout the book. These full two-page spreads have great detail and really give a sense of the atmosphere of the story.

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