Thursday, November 20, 2008

Science Fair

SCIENCE FAIR; Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson; New York: Disney, 2008; 394pgs. Fiction.

Science Fair is a way over the top, non-stop, goofball, nearly terminally silly story of the time when the tiny republic of Krpshtskan tried to bring down the U. S. government by way of the Hubble Middle School science fair. Toby and his friends must outwit their unbelieving principle (The Hornet), a laser-eyed attack owl, D. Arthur Vaderian and the Wookie, the shopping network loving Krpshtskanis with the stinky cheese in their pants, and the Federal Government to save the United States and the honor of Hubble Middle(home of the Fighting Orbital Observatories). A perfect book for tweens who like actionand laughs. Don't drink milk while you are reading, though, because you will snort it.

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