Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I.Q. Book One: Independence Hall - Roland Smith

Q and Angela are new step-siblings. Their parents are successful musicians who are embarking on a cross-country tour. To enable them to have "family time" and stay somewhat removed from the spotlight they decide to travel alone in a large motor home. The kids are doing school work while traveling, including creating a website showing all of the places they visit. As their journey begins, the siblings realize they are being followed. Then a strange man with an even stranger dog appears out of nowhere and gains the trust of the parents right away. This leads to Angela telling Q that her mother was a Secret Service agent who was killed in the line of duty. Brother and sister are soon embroiled in an adventure that their parents would not be happy about, if they knew.
A fun, fast-paced adventure book with lots of spying, car-chases, terrorists and electronic surveillance. Independence Hall will probably appeal to both boys and girls who like action. There are certain aspects of the book that are a little far-fetched, but isn't that what we love about spy novels?


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Best Book - ... EVER!!