Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twelve Terrible Things - Marty Kelley

As a child, did you ever drop your ice cream cone on the ground, before you even got to have a lick? Wasn't it tragic! Were you ever the "new kid" at school? How horrible were all those eyes on you when you walked into the classroom for the first time? Did you ever take swimming lessons? That diving board was waaaaaaaaaay to high to ever jump off of! And horror of horrors, "Great-Aunt Matilda" coming at you to pinch your cheeks! Don't even mention The Dentist, we just won't go there! These are just a few of the Twelve Terrible Things that Marty Kelley shows us. The minimal text is effective in conveying the message of what is "terrible" to a young child. It is the illustrations, however, that make this my new favorite picture book. Kelley's watercolors portray exactly what a child would see in each event. The details are great. For example, look at "Great-Aunt Matilda's" chin and in the road trip picture each family member has great facial expression. A must-read for everyone. Adults will most likely be more entertained than children just because it will dredge up some childhood memories for them.


booklady said...

I just loved the dad's icy glare in the rear view mirror. Been there, done that a thousand times. This is a laugh out loud funny book!

loo said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it. This is a must have for a picture book collection. I was laughing out loud the entire time!