Monday, September 29, 2008

Presidents FYI by Gary Drevitch

Presidents FYI (For Your Information) is a very entertaining book that briefly describes all forty three presidents of the United States. Some presidents only have a page of information about them while other presidents have four pages. (Let’s see if you can guess the presidents that would have more!) The information was brief and very interesting. I learned things that I haven’t learned before. One interesting thing was the Eleanor Roosevelt was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt and the distant cousin of her husband, Franklin. The president’s terms of office are explained and major accomplishments as well. The layout is appealing to the eye and there are lots of pictures included with each president. There are also links to the Smithsonian to find out more information. The only thing that bugged me was that in Bill Clinton’s brief biography it failed to mention his impeachment or the Monica Lewinsky scandal. (Something I consider important to his presidential years) However, other president’s scandals were mentioned in the book. Other then this, it was a fast, interesting read filled with all types of facts.

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