Thursday, September 4, 2008

Magic Trixie - Jill Thompson

Magic Trixie is a young witch who feels that no one cares about her. She gets in trouble for every little thing she does while her baby sister Abby Cadabra gets to do whatever she wants. Magic Trixie gets no attention, while Abby is the center of attention. Things at school are rocky for Magic Trixie as well. Show and Tell week is coming up and her friends have already seen all of the tricks she is good at. She really wants to wow her class with something special! That will be hard to do considering her class consists of twin vampire boys, a young mummy girl, a Frankenstein Monster boy, and a werewolf girl who all have wonderfully exciting things to share. Magic Trixie and Scratches, her little black kitten, eventually create a fabulous new magic trick to perform for her classmates. Let's just hope her parents don't find out about it! This is a wonderful new graphic novel that will especially appeal to young girls. Although the characters are not your typical every-day humans, they are shown dealing with normal every-day human problems. Jill Thompson's quirky illustrations are a perfect match for her entertaining tale.

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