Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No No Yes Yes - Leslie Patricelli

No No Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli is a wonderful board book that teaches toddlers proper behavior in specific situations. Each picture on the left shows a young child doing a "no no". The opposite page shows the child doing the "yes yes" version of the same act. The illustrations are simple and adorable. The baby's joyful expressions as he dumps food on his head, bops his little sister with a toy and yanks the cats tail will make even adults laugh out loud. There is only one set of pictures that didn't quite seem to fit, it involves scissors and a small child in diapers. I know the concept is good - teaching children to cut paper not their hair with scissors - but most children of that age will not be given scissors. If they somehow do get their little hands on some, they will mostly likely not cut a symmetrical snowflake as a "yes yes" behavior. This book is highly recommended by my 2-year old son, tears were shed when I had to bring it back to the library!

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