Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saga by Conor Kostick

Ghost, a teenage anarchist, is a talented airboarder with no memory of her past or identity. Her family is a gang of daredevils who live for action and general chaos. When an unusual girl who calls herself Cindella Dragonslayer shows up and begins performing feats Ghost believed impossible, her concepts of the world she lives in are forced into completely new and different routes. Will they be able to best the Dark Queen who controls Saga?

In this exciting sequel to Epic, Saga is a story that works well as either a continuation of the concepts presented in the first novel or an interesting stand-alone work. As I thoroughly enjoyed Epic and thought it had concluded well, I was curious to see what direction Kostick decided to go in a sequel. I was pleased that although the book had ties and connections to Epic, Kostick managed to create a new story that was just as interesting as the first. This book is well written and would be a good choice for those who enjoy an original, fast-paced adventure.

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