Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ladybug Girl by David Soman

Lulu (don’t you love that name) has a problem. She’s bored and her older brother refuses to play with her. Left to her own devices, Lulu quickly becomes LADYBUG GIRL, climber of trees and defender of small insects! With her loyal sidekick, Bingo the basset hound, Lulu sets out to discover what kinds of secret powers she might possess. This lovely little story about finding your own self worth is a charming work of art. The fun pen and ink and watercolor drawing are whimsical delights full of fun little details that make the story much more than the sum of its written parts. When Lulu claims there is nothing to do, she stands amid a messy bedroom strewn to bursting with toys. When Lulu first realizes her calling as a superhero, she strikes a stance with a dead serious Bingo at her side, his very large ears blowing in the wind like a cape—I couldn’t stop laughing. This is a great book for any girl who knows she is meant to change the world, one giant puddle jump at a time.

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