Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Puddlejumpers - Mark Jean and Christopher C. Carlson

Ernie Banks was left on the doorstep of Lakeside Home for Boys when he was just a baby. Now a 13-year-old troublemaker, Ernie is being sent to work on a farm as a last resort before juvenile hall. Ernie discovers a mystery on the farm that he is determined to solve before his time is up. Little does Ernie know that his investigation will lead him into the incredible and dangerous world of the Puddlejumpers and the Troggs. Will he and Joey make it back to the Frazier farm? Where did Ernie's crystal acorn come from? And most importantly what does this have to do with who Ernie really is? Grab this book for a fun action-packed fantasy adventure.

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Stuart said...

Wonderful book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The quality of the writing is impressive, and the story is enchanting.