Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids

By Kelly Milner Halls
Darby Creek Pub., 2007. 72 pp. Juvenile nonfiction.

If mummies, dead bodies and mysteries of the distant past intrigue you, Mysteries of the Mummy Kids is something you might want to check out. What is unique about this mummy book is that it only talks about mummies of children. A few years ago some construction workers in Washington D.C. accidentally stumbled onto a sealed iron sarcophagus. When scientists finally broke it open they found a teenage mummy dating back to the civil war era. Mummies in the USA? You bet. This book is filled with fascinating facts about mummy kids from all around the world. It covers everything about how they lived, how they died and how their bodies were discovered in modern times. There are many detailed photos of each mummy presented, so if you are squeamish about such things you might want to pass this book up. But if you’re the sort who loves learning every fascinating and grizzly detail about history, then you’ll want to put this one on hold right away!

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