Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My First . . . Eva Montanari

Alice wanted a doll for her birthday. She wouldn't settle for anything less. She had a baby carriage and socks ready for the doll she was sure she was getting. However, her birthday gift didn't look exactly as she had pictured him. Her mom tried convincing Alice that it was a much better gift than a regular doll. Alice wasn't convinced. She took him to the park in the baby carriage (she couldn't figure out where to put the socks) but she kept him hidden from her friends, telling them "he was very fragile, and often got the flu". Can Alice keep the truth about her "doll" a secret? And if he isn't a doll, what is he? Read My First . . . by Eva Montanari to learn the secret of Alice's birthday gift. Not only is this a unique and curious story, but Montanari's quirky, atmospheric illustrations are fantastic.

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