Saturday, April 26, 2008

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

In another fast-paced novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Found features the story of teen-aged Jonah Skidmore, an adopted child. The drama begins when he starts receiving cryptic letters suggesting he may be in danger. Then things start to get hairy when he discovers he's not the only one getting strange letters. Jonah, his sister, and friend, Chip, start to dig into the mystery that keeps expanding as they search. As the FBI becomes involved and things get more and more bizarre, the trio wonders if the knowledge is worth the danger. Read the book to find out what happens, but be aware the ending keeps you wishing for the sequel!

I thought this was an entertaining book. It's a very fast read and has some interesting elements. Although it's definitely not my favorite juvenile science fiction work, it will be a fun book for kids who are interested in the the idea of time travel and who already enjoyed other books by Haddix, such as the Shadow Children series.

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booklady said...

If you have a boy who likes books filled with mystery, adventure and time travel, this is the book you will want to get him next. It's a fast paced rollercoaster any boy will love.