Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Epic by Conor Kostick

Long ago, violence was abolished and a computer game known as Epic became the ruling system. All disputes must be settled through the game and all real-world wealth and status is also gained or lost through it. In this story, Erik's family is very poor with little status. As he creates a new and rather unusual game character, he begins to discover some interesting things about the workings of Epic. This leads to riches, fame, and also much unexpected trouble with the Central Allocations committee. Due to the corruption of the Committee, Erik and his friends attempt to end the game of Epic permanently, despite the danger.

Epic was a very unique and truly enjoyable read. I found the intricacies of the plot fascinating and the characters well-developed and engaging. It is interesting to note the author, Conor Kostick, was a designer for the world's first live fantasy role-playing game. This most certainly added to the book's authenticity. This book is an excellent read for anyone interested in science fiction and might be a good book for male reluctant readers, especially if the individual is a gamer.

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