Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pocket Babies and other Amazing Marsupials

POCKET BABIES AND OTHER AMAZING MARSUPIALS; Sneed B. Collard III; Plain City, OH: Darby Creek, 2007; 72pgs.

Ms. Collard begins this fascinating text with a description of the three different kinds of mammals: Monotremes (egg-layers, 5 species); Placental (live birth, fully formed babies, 4300 species); and Marsupial (live birth of partially formed babys, or embryons, 300 species). From here we learn more than we knew there was to learn about opposums, possums (they are different!), koalas, wombats, sugar gliders, and Tasmanian devils. The photographs are bright, crisp, and often endearing. Any child (or adult) interested in animals should find this text fascinating and memorable.

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