Monday, January 7, 2008

Woof! Woof! (and) Whoo? Whoo? both by David A. Carter

I recently discovered two very intriguing books by the author David A. Carter. Whoo? Whoo? is the first. On page one of this book you will find one large question mark on one side and random geometric shapes punched out of the other. When you turn the page, those shapes have been glued to a backdrop to make some sort of animal. The fun is in trying to guess what animal the shapes will make on the next page. This is, at times, almost impossible but lots of fun anyway.

The second book is also by David Carter, this one is called Woof! Woof! It has the same set up as Whoo? Whoo? only each shape is a part of two dogs slowly being built over the course of the book. The reader must guess which part of the dogs the shape represents. (i.e. legs, bodies, ears etc.) The pictures are extremely simplistic but loads of fun when they are complete.

Both books are good for children learning how all pictures are made up of basic shapes. They will leave any child wanting to try making their own paper shape pictures, so be prepared.

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curlyq said...

The book "Whoo? Whoo?" is beautiful and innoventive in its concept. I really liked the background on which the cutouts are pasted, but I do wish Carter had used different backgrounds for each new page instead of reusing the same one. He could have even done the same background with different times of day or various seasons. Nonetheless, it was still a very fun and interesting book.