Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Wizard

The Wizard seems to have some type of plan up his sleeve, but he's really just bent on experimenting. Although the book states that he ponders "what evil deeds he'll do this day," he is either not a very evil wizard or simply ran out of evil steam in this documented day of his life. Those who are particularly tender-hearted toward animals may be concerned for the plight of the frog, but there's nothing particularly worrisome about the wizard's project. However, as he looks out the window at the end of the book, it does seem possible that he may possess a slightly charred, if not wholly blackened, heart after all. Read the book and decide for yourself!

The real selling point of this book, in my opinion, is claimed by the fantastic illustrations. They are vivid, magical, beautifully composed, and very dynamic. The attention to detail is very captivating and will keep the reader searching the pages to make sure all is absorbed. My favorite picture shows the wizard's finger cleverly morphed into a branch-like wand. I thought the text was a little lacking in interest, even though written by the acclaimed Jack Prelutsky, but the illustrations more than compensate for this disappointment. Check it out and enjoy the fine work of a BYU-Idaho graduate, Brandon Dorman!

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