Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trolls Go Home by Alan MacDonald

British author Alan MacDonald entertains with a new intermediate series called Troll Trouble. At times a little gross (aren't trolls always somewhat gross?) and other times laugh-out-loud funny this a series that young boys will enjoy. Mark Beech provides some great illustrations similar in style to that of Quentin Blake. The first book in the series is Trolls Go Home.
The Priddles are quite shocked by the appearance of their new neighbors and are sure they will wreak havoc on the neighborhood. The Troll family has relocated due to an embarrassing encounter that Eggy (Mr. Troll) had with a goat. Mrs. Troll visits the supermarket with just two items on her shopping list: 1) fresh kid for supper and 2) cowpies to freshen up the horribly clean new house. Meanwhile, their young son Ulrik is getting ready to start school by practicing his stomping and his roaring, things that are sure to impress the teacher. Will the Trolls ever be able to fit into their new community? Will the “peeples” be able to see past the hairiness, smelliness, and ugliness of the Trolls?

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