Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

Milada has blond hair and light blue eyes, a perfect example of an Aryan child ... "sent by God to serve Hitler and save the world from the Jewish scourge". There is only one problem, Milada is not German, she is from the small town of Lidice in Czechoslovakia. Her country had surrendered to the Nazis and everyone was trying to forget the war that was happening all around their small country. Then something happened that made it impossible to forget the war. Nazi soldiers stormed the village in the middle of the night. All the inhabitants were "arrested". All men and teenage boys were separated from the women and small children. Milada was one of the "lucky" few to have the Aryan look and be transported to a center for rehabilitation and indoctrination into German society. As Milada is given a new name and a new life, she tries to always remember her true identity and her real family.

As with most books dealing with this historical subject, expect to shed a few tears while reading. The majority of Holocaust novels focus on the concentration camps or Jews in hiding. Someone Named Eva shows us yet another atrocity Hitler imposed on innocent people.

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