Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Garden of Eve

When Eve's mother passes away, all the magic Eve used to believe in fades with her. Her father purchases a withered apple orchard in Beaumont, New York in the hopes that he might revive its life, dismissing the rumors that it is cursed. Once Eve moves there with her father, strange things begin happening--she meets a boy who claims to be a ghost, hears about a girl who vanished, and is given the gift of a mysterious seed for her birthday. The seed proves to be much more powerful than it appears and leads Eve on an adventure that will leave her forever changed.

The Garden of Eve is a mysterious, hauntingly beautiful story. It felt much shorter than the 230+ pages it actually is. The vibrantly illustrated cover by Greg Swearingen drew me in immediately and the story did the rest. K. L. Going deals with the issues of loss of loved ones and the bond between family members very delicately and gracefully. She shows that even someone who feels broken hearted can heal and find the power to live.

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