Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Crocodile Blues

In The Crocodile Blues, a man and his cockatoo unwittingly hatch a crocodile from a purchased egg, resulting in a harried race through the house and town to escape. When the pajama-clad gentleman holes up in a rented room with his feathered friend, they receive a peculiar invitation and the story wraps up in a very unexpected and rather bizarre way.

This book is hilarious, fast-paced, and completely captivating. The illustrations are fantastic in their composition and design. The pops of vivid, electric yellow and blue amidst the black and white scheme are excellent in finishing the retro feel of this book. I was particularly charmed with the occasional fold-out page scattered throughout the story. Although this book does have have a few words here and there, it is mostly wordless, allowing the reader to have a unique experience with the focus on the illustrations. Out of the few words granted to this story, my favorite by far are those stating"Very Small Refrigerator." Read the book and you'll love them, too.

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