Monday, November 26, 2007

The Many Rides of Paul Revere

THE MANY RIDES OF PAUL REVERE; James Cross Giblin; New York: Scholastic, 2007; 80 pp. Juvenile Nonfiction

Who knew that Paul Revere made a multitude of dangerous rides on behalf of the fledgling American Revolution, and not just the one for which he has been immortalized? James Cross Giblin did and he tells us about those adventures, about Paul Revere's arrests by the British and his tricks to get free, and about the rest of his life, during and after the Revolution. Did you know he built a powder mill near Boston to supply the Colonial Troops? Did you know he commanded the fortress on Castle Island in Boston Harbor as well as a ship carrying artillery to Maine? How about the foundry he built to cast bells, or the first copper-rolling mill in North America he built to cover the hulls of American ships? Did you know that Paul Revere and Robert Fulton knew each other, and that Revere made copper for the boilers of Fulton's steamboats? Me neither.

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