Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Perfect Snowman by Preston McDaniels

If you like Christmas stories with a message, A Perfect Snowman might be the holiday book for you. All the neighborhood children agree that one little boy’s winter creation is the perfect snowman. The proud snowman silently agrees with them. His is a fine specimen. But when a starving rabbit and her children beg him for the beautiful carrot he wears as a nose, will the snowman let his pride stop him from helping another in need?

Though the story is a little heavy-handed at times (think Little Match Girl) the soft sepia-toned illustrations are so gorgeous they drew me in right from the start. The snowman is charming, the animals and children are as sweet as can be. Even the moon’s smiling face makes you want to cuddle right up to him. If you like warm fuzzies and stories filled with the compassion and love that abounds this time of year, you should enjoy this book.

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