Monday, August 20, 2007

Secret of the Sirens -

Secret of the Sirens
By Julia Golding
Marshall Cavendish, 2007. 357 pgs. Chapter book.

Julia Golding has given us an exciting new series dealing with mythical creatures. Secret of the Sirens is the first of four volumes. Connie has been expelled from numerous schools due to her affinity for animals (they flock to her wherever she is). In desperation her parents send her to live with her aunt on the British coast. Connie is ecstatic when she finds she fits in with her aunts friends, all members of the Society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures. Connie discovers her ability to communicate with animals is a gift, not a curse. But is she gifted enough to help the society stop the evil Kullervo who is intent on wiping out humanity? And what about Axoil, the oil company building a refinery in a place that will endanger many mythical and non-mythical creatures alike. This book is full of sirens, selkies, pegasi, dragons, and more. Lots of action and fun characters makes for a great read. This book will to fans of the Percy Jackson series as well as Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising sequence.

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booklady said...

This book has a lot in common with Fablehaven. A boy and a girl involved in a secret society that looks after mythological creatures. If your kids are on the waiting list for Fablehaven this might be a good one to have them read while they are waiting.