Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue
By Cathy Cassidy
Viking, 2005. 215 pgs. Chapter book.

Cathy Cassidy delivers another book full of a young girl's trials and triumphs. In Indigo Blue, we get to know 12 year old Indigo Collins. We experience her confusion and frustration as her free-spirited mother makes the tough decision to flee an abusive relationship. We are also along for the tumultuous ride of Indigo's friendship with Jo and Aisha. Though Cassidy is a British author who writes about British youth, her topics are applicable to pre-teen girls worldwide. She writes with a fresh, clear style that makes a reader feel the emotions of the main character. Indigo Blue will surely be a good read for many young girls dealing with the emotional upheavals of the early teen years.

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