Thursday, April 26, 2007

Outbreak - Plagues that Changed History by Bryn Barnard

What really makes the world go round? It's microbes! These tiny, one-celled bacteria have had incredible effects upon cultures and civilizations since the beginning of time. It's a fascinating history and you can learn all about it in Outbreak - Plagues That Changed History by Bryn Barnard. We learn about six different diseases; the Black Death or Plague, smallpox, the Yellow Fever, cholera, tuberculosis, and influenza or flu. Even more interesting than the sicknesses themselves, is the global impact they had on people, cultures, governments, and societies and how we can still see evidence of this impact today. Barnard is a wonderful historian and researcher. His explanations are worded in a way that doesn't downplay the seriousness of these illnesses, but still maintains its readability for youth. He gives us a background into microbes, bacteria, how germs are passed around, and how we have learned to deal with and treat sickness and disease.
Look for this book in the Juvenile-Nonfiction section of the library. And wash your hands.

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