Thursday, July 12, 2018

ROCKIN' READS: Amal Unbound

Amal Unbound
By Aisha Saeed
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2018. Fiction 226 p.

Amal loves school and wants to learn everything! She goes to an all-girl school in Pakistan. She is the oldest of four daughters and her mother gives birth the fifth child, also a daughter, but doesn't bounce back very quickly afterwards. Amal is required to stay home from school to care for her younger sisters and the house. As the days turn into weeks Amal's frustration grows. One day in town, she stands-up to an evil, powerful man whose family, the Khans, rule the area. He requires Amal to become a servant at his home, since her father is already indebted to him. Missing her family and struggling to fit in with the other servants, Amal is able to find opportunities, despite her unfavorable circumstances. Will she be able to stand-up against the Khans or will her indentured servitude go on forever?

This rockin' read is especially to inspire strong girls, no matter their circumstances, to continue in the fight toward change and being true to yourself.

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