Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Baby Monkey Private Eye

Baby Monkey, Private Eye
by Brian Selznick and David Sterlin
Scholastic, 2018. Easy Reader, 191 p.
Baby Monkey is a baby and a monkey, but he is also a private eye.  When the baker has loses his pizza or the clown has loses his clown nose Baby Monkey knows just what to do.  Being a PI is hard work and in the end Baby Monkey is pretty sleepy when his solves his last, and most important, case.

Can an Easy Reader really have 191 pages, five chapters, an index, and a bibliography? I guess so. This really is an easy reader with only about 100 very simple words total in the whole book.  The reason it is so long is because it was illustrated by Selzinck, the same guy who created the Caldecott winner,  The Invention of Hugo Cabret. The book has darling black and white illustrations that tell the story, and the large font words are just sprinkled about when needed.  It is really cute and will delight even the earliest readers because they will be able to "read" a real chapter book all by themselves.  (191 p. 2018)

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