Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Green Pants
By Kenneth Kraegel
Candlewick, 2017. Picture book.

Jameson really loves his green pants. They are the only color pants he will wear. If he wears his green pants, he knows he can dunk the ball, dive off the diving board, and dance. When his cousin invites him to be a part of his wedding procession, Jameson is thrilled. Until he realizes that being a part of the wedding means wearing black tuxedo pants. What will Jameson decide to do?

This is a fun story about a spunky little boy with a very specific attachment who has to face a tough choice. The parenting strategies modeled in this book are really great, as Jameson’s mom offers him sympathy and encouragement for his difficult decision, but lets him handle the choice and consequences on his own. Jameson’s solution is very satisfying and will leave readers cheering him on.

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