Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ideas Are All Around

Ideas Are All Around
by Philip C. Stead
Roaring Book Press, 2016. Picture Book.

Sometimes sitting back and enjoying the simplicity of life is important. Society has an expectation that hurrying and being busy are necessary to find success, but that may not be the case.

Stead describes his process of writing a picture book. It is interesting to catch a glimpse into the creative process some writers go through and to see where ideas can come from. The title itself shows "ideas are all around".  As Stead describes taking his dog for a walk and the things he sees the reader is allowed to contemplate a deeper meaning to the things he describes on his walk. Yet at the same time, this book could easily enjoyed with a child as they follow the experiences of Stead and his dog Wednesday.

As I became surrounded by the story I felt myself relax and considered taking a walk for myself to see what I can see.

Try it yourself. Read the book, go for a walk, and just see what comes to your mind.

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