Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Display: A Good Book is Always in Style

The Hundred Dresses
By Eleanor Estes
In winning a medal she is no longer there to receive, a tight-lipped little Polish girl teaches her classmates a lesson.

By Maria Carluccio
Celebrating the creativity of what we wear, this playful fashion alphabet introduces key terms for dressing and dressing up, from apron to zippers.

By Bianca Turetsky 
Twelve-year-old Louise Lambert accepts an invitation to a private sale of vintage clothing but upon donning an evening gown, she finds herself in 1912 aboard the Titanic as the gown's original owner, silent film star Alice Baxter.

Fashion Rebels: Style Icons Who Changed the World Through Fashion
By Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia
Throughout history, daring women have wielded power and brought about change through their bold fashion choices. Fashion Rebels is a collection of lively, illustrated biographies of twenty-five of these influential fashion icons from the distant past to today. Discover how these rebels' fashion choices both mirrored and redefined what it meant to be a woman in their era. From Cleopatra and Coco Chanel, whose forward fashions freed later generations from conformity, to Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, who each bravely step out every day to rock their own unique personal styles. These fashionistas didn't follow trends or cultural conventions: they set new courses with their own styles. And if fashion police came knocking, they simply didn't open the door.

By Susan Goldman Rubin
Presents the life and accomplishments of the fashion designer, from her early life of poverty, to her successes in the Paris fashion world, her collaboration with well-known artists of her day, and the influence of her innovative designs on later fashion.

Coco and the Little Black Dress
By Annemarie van Haeringen
A picture book biography of the famous French fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

Anna Karenina: A Fashion Primer
By Jennifer Adams
Illustrations of beautiful gowns, uniforms, hats, gloves, cloaks and more are paired with quotes from Little Master Tolstoy's masterpiece to create a book full of the finest fashions -- and clever "can you find" picture puzzles.

Sewing Stories: Harriet Powers' Journey from Slave to Artist
By Barbara Herkert
Traces the life of Harriet Powers, who was born a slave in Georgia but spent the years after the Civil War providing for her family by creating elaborate pictorial quilts, earning her recognition as an African-American folk artist.

When Royals Wore Ruffles
By Chelsey McLaren
Presents a history of fashion told through alphabetical entries, covering such topics as hats, ruffles, and shoes.

By  Steven Guarnaccia
Retells the classic fairy tale of the young servant girl who experiences a magical night and finally finds her prince. Features illustrations of apparel and accessories inspired by famous fashion designers.

By Elizabeth Matthews
Simple text and color illustrations present the life of Coco Chanel.

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