Monday, November 14, 2016

The Princess and the Warrior

The Princess and the Warrior 
By Duncan Tonatiuh
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2016.

There are two volcanoes near Mexico City. This is the legend as to how the volcanoes came to be there. A beautiful princess named Izta is kind and beloved by all of her people. Many people tried to woo the princess and gain her hand in marriage. However, none of the suitors understood Izta’s heart and she rejected them all—that is until a warrior named Popoca tried. Popoca loved Izta for her kindness to even the poorest people. He wanted to marry her because of who she was and what she did for others. Because Popoca saw who she truly was and what was important to her, Izta fell in love. Only Izta’s father, the Emperor, was not excited that a mere soldier was to be his son-in-law. So he sent him on a quest in order to win the hand of Izta. With a tragedy worthy of Romeo and Juliet, this story explains how this couple’s love endures—even when they turn into two of Mexico’s most famous volcanoes.

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