Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Dunderheads

Written by Paul Fleischman
Illustrated by David Roberts
Candlewick Press, 2009. Intermediate.

The Dunderheads are an ensemble cast of talented classmates working together to pull off a complex caper against their villainous teacher, Miss Breakbone. These aptly nicknamed students (Einstein, Spitball, Hollywood, and so on) join forces in order to retrieve a confiscated item from Miss Breakbone’s fortress-like home. It takes everything from paperclip chains to hypnosis to get the job done.

This J Intermediate book is unique in both tone and format; the snappy text reads like a noir for third graders while the detailed, expressive illustrations take up over half of the page space. The interplay of word and image create an over-the-top heist story that is funny, action-filled, and fueled by kid power.

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