Thursday, September 15, 2016

Paths and Portals

Paths and Portals
(Secret Coders #2)
By Gene Leun Yang & Mike Holmes

Picking up right where Secret Coders left off, Hopper, Eni and Josh find themselves learning more about the secrets of coding. They are getting pretty good at coding during their secret meetings with Mr. Bee, the janitor of Stately Academy who is much more than he seems. However, things are also getting more dangerous as Principle Dean and the school’s rugby team begin pursuing Hopper and her friends.

In this second installment of the fun and interactive graphic novel series, the reader learns more about the characters as well as about computer programming, or coding. Gene Luen Yang, the famous graphic novelist and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, uses his background in computer science to create this simple series to effectively introduce young readers to the important skill of coding. Be sure to check out Secret Coders, the first book in the series. Also, come see Gene Luen Yang this weekend at the Provo City Library’s first-ever graphic novel festival.

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