Monday, August 29, 2016

Nobody Likes a Goblin

Nobody Likes a Goblin 
By Ben Hatke
:01 First Second, 2016.

Goblin lives in a dungeon along with his best friend Skeleton (who used to be a warrior). They have all sorts of fun together. But one day some adventurers come and storm the dungeon and take away everything including Skeleton! Goblin is sad and distraught. He is determined to go and find Skeleton and bring him back. Only when he asks his one neighbor (a troll) if he saw where they went, Troll warns Goblin that “Nobody likes a goblin.” As Goblin goes on his adventures, sure enough he finds that most others that he comes across are more intent upon chasing him away than to help him find Skeleton. But after a lot of luck and a little bit of determination all comes together in the end.

This is a lovely picture book with gorgeous illustrations (though what else can we expect, it is a Ben Hatke book after all)! Kiddos who aren’t afraid of monsters will enjoy this tale. Plus it is a good story for showing that determination and friendship is often just as important as the adventure itself.

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