Thursday, August 11, 2016

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? 
By Nina Laden and Adam McMauley
Chronicle Books LLC, 2016. Picture Book.

“Are we there yet?” a boy repeatedly asks.To which his mom repeatedly responds, “No” as she drives him to grandma’s house. This seemingly ordinary and rather common exchange with which we can all relate takes place on every page as the pair travel through a variety of terrains. However, as the book progresses the terrains become increasingly more extraordinary, taking them across a desert, into the ocean and through outer space!

 On the surface, this book seems as though it would be boring or tiresome, but the wonderful illustrations, outlandish settings, funny ending and overall tone of the book make it a very fun book that children will ask to read multiple times. A great read-aloud that also has some I SPY type of elements to it as there are a number of animals that appear on every page that can be tricky to find!

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