Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Display: Douglas Florian

Douglas Florian

Born and raised in New York City, artist and poet Douglas Florian began his career as a cartoonist for The New Yorker. He illustrates his poetry books using collage, watercolor, and gouache on primed paper bags. These books normally focus on the natural world, like his popular Dinothesaurus and the award-winning Beast Feast.

A collection of poems that portray the essence of the season between summer and winter.

Beast Feast
A collection of humorous poems about such animals as the walrus, anteater, and boa.

An illustrated collection of poems and collages about dinosaurs.

Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars
Twenty whimsical poems about space.

A Pig is Big
Rhyming text explains that cows are bigger than pigs, cars are bigger still, and the universe is the biggest of all.

Shiver Me Timbers
An illustrated collection of poems for children about pirates.

Wonderful Habits of Rabbits
Join a family of rabbits as they have all kinds of fun throughout the day.

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