Thursday, April 21, 2016


By Jorge Corona
Color by Jen Hickman
Archaia, 2015. Comics. Unpaged.
Abandoned on the streets of the Maze and raised by an adoptive father, Poe is unlike any one else he has ever seen. He has dark feathers all over his body and his eyes cannot stand the daylight. Poe spends his days on rooftops helping the Mice, the orphaned children who live on the streets. Mice have been disappearing in greater numbers and many believe Poe, who they refer to as the Ghost, is to blame. However, when the daughter of some powerful city-dwellers gets lost in the Maze, Poe discovers the truth about the disappearing Mice and realizes that he may not be one of a kind after all.

The graphic novel Feathers began as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but turned into an original story full of suspense and action that is part Beauty and the Beast, part Oliver Twist, and part steam-punk. The art and colors are Gothic, beautiful and complement a story that is exciting and, at times, eerie. 

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