Thursday, March 31, 2016

Secret Coders

Secret Coders
By Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes
First Second, 2015. Comics. 88 p.

Written by Gene Luen Yang of American Born Chinese fame, this graphic novel begins with Hopper arriving at her new school after moving to a new area. The school is old and strange looking with peculiar-looking birds everywhere and the number “9” plastered all over it. After a rocky introduction, Hopper becomes friends with Eni, an intelligent boy who is very good at basketball. Things get exciting for her when, due to her number “7” earrings, she and Eni discover that all of the birds are robots and respond to binary. Eni teaches Hopper basic concepts of computer coding and the two learn the combination for the lock on the mysteriously chained up shed. Thus begins the coding adventures for Hopper and Eni.

Secret Coders is a fun beginning to a new series that combines computer skills, sports, and friendship with a little science fiction and mystery. It also possesses some interactive elements as the reader learns with Hopper some basic coding concepts and skills. A good choice for someone looking for a simple and fun graphic novel or has an interest in computer programming.

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